Dillon Square Deal B Reloading Kit

The Square Deal B Reloading Press Kit is a four station auto-indexing reloading press.

The four stations consist of:

  1. Reloading Station 1 – Resize, Decap/Deprime, and then Prime
  2. Reloading Station 2 – Drop Powder and Flare Case Neck
  3. Reloading Station 3 – Bullet Seating
  4. Reloading Station 4 – Case and Bullet Crimp

The Square Deal B Reloading Kit Consists of:

  • Reloading Press
  • A powder measure including a large and a small powder bar
  • A priming system including large and a small priming parts
  • An early warning buzzer and a rod for the priming system
  • A packet of tubes including large and small primer pickup tubes, a magazine tube, and a primer slide assembly, and also a powder measure failsafe including mounting hardware
  • Three locator buttons
  • A Toolhead
  • A powder die
  • A single caliber conversion kit
  • A spent primer cup bracket, with screws and a cup
  • A loaded cartridge chute, with screws and a plastic bin
  • A written instruction manual

You will still need to purchase dies with this reloading kit as it doesn’t include a set.

Here’s Dillon Precisions Video Introducing the Square Deal ‘B’

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