Dillon 550B Reloading Kit

The Dillon 550B Reloading Press is a four station auto-indexing reloading press.

The four stations consist of:

  1. Reloading Station 1 – Resize, Decap/Deprime, and then Prime
  2. Reloading Station 2 – Drop Powder and Flare Case Neck
  3. Reloading Station 3 – Bullet Seating
  4. Reloading Station 4 – Case and Bullet Crimp

The Dillon 550B Reloading Kit Consists of:

  • Reloading Press with a caliber conversion kit of your choice. The caliber conversion kit consists of the shellplate, locator buttons, and a powder funnel.
  • A powder measure including a large and a small powder bar
  • A priming system including large and a small priming parts
  • A packet of tubes including one of each large and small primer pickup tubes.
  • A Toolhead
  • A powder die
  • A loaded cartridge catch bin
  • A written instruction manual
  • A set of standard Allen wrenches

Here’s a great video on the unboxing of one lucky guy unboxing a Dillon 550 B

You can read more about it on this wiki.

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