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Lee Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review

Lee Precision II Anniversary Challenger KitThe Lee Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Kit is one of the most popular starter kits on the market.  Lee Precision, Inc has been manufacturing reloading products since 1958 and has built a name for itself as a company that offers value-based products to the reloading marketplace that will get the job done for a reasonable price.

With that said let’s take a look at what Lee offers in this reloading kit.

What does the Lee Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Kit Include:

Picture of Reloading Component
Reloading Component Name
Retail Price (When Purchased Seperately)
User Ratings
Lee Breech Lock Challenger PressBreech Lock Challenger Single Stage Press$67-$97
Picture of the Lee Perfect Powder MeasurePerfect Powder Measure$20-$31
Picture of the Lee Safety ScaleLee Safety Scale$24-$34
Picture of a Lee Powder FunnelPowder Funnel$4-$6
Picture of a Lee Cutter and Lock StudCutter and Lock Stud$7-$9
Picture of a Lee Chamfer ToolChamfer Tool$4
Picture of Lee Sizing Lube TubeSizing Lube$4
Picture of a Lee Primer Pocket Cleaning ToolPrimer Pocket Cleaning Tool$4
Large and Small Safety Prime$22-$30
Picture of Lee's Breech Lock Quick Change BushingBreech Lock Quick Change Bushing (1)$4-$6
Lee Precision II Anniversary Challenger Kit10 Reloading Items$160-$225(When Purchased Seperately, Shipping Not Inlcuded, and Prices Subject To Change).

Here’s a short video from a customer who bought the Lee Breech Lock Kit. He goes over most of the concerns I’ve read about as well. – A Welcome Post and Introduction

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