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Lee Challenger Breech Lock Press Reviews, Ratings and More…

The Lee Breech Lock Challenger is a great press for someone looking to get started in reloading, have a second rifle press, or to just have a reliable single stage reloading press on the cheap. It’s made of ASTM 380 Aluminum in the typical “O” Type pattern, so it’s plenty strong for even the larger rifle rounds.

Lee Breech Lock Challenger PressThe big news for the Breech Lock Challenger is the new “Breech Lock” system which let’s the reloader quickly and easily change out their dies and do a caliber swap in around 3 minutes flat. The other nice features are the priming system which works on a lever-design and auto loads primers for you so you never contaminate them with your finger grease and the spent primer ejection tube.

This is a quality press for someone who is price conscious and really lives up the the Lee name. Before you buy you may want to review the problem areas mentioned below from past customers. While almost everyone was satisfied and could load very accurate ammunition it seems like there was a few duds, often these can be user error but sometimes manufacturing defects can occur so be on the lookout for the problems.

For the money I think you’d have a hard time finding a better press.

Details On The Challenger Breech Lock Press By Lee

  • Single Stage Reloading Press
  • “O” Type Aluminum Frame
  • Frame Opening: 4.25 Inches
  • Ram Stroke: 3.5 Inches
  • Press Mounting: 3 Hole

Lee Challenger Breech Lock Press Reviews

Positive Reviews of the Lee Challenger:

  • Light weight setup
  • Many people have been using their Lee presses for 25+ years so you know they are quality.
  • Great for all rounds but many reviewers like to load larger rifle rounds such as the 300 Wby Mag to 416 Rigby
  • Quick swapping of calibers with the breech lock systeml
  • Great for black powder rounds.

Negative Reviews and Problems of the Lee Challenger Breech Lock:

  • Not every primer gets caught in the primer catch.
  • Spent primers may come out and make a mess, not getting sent down the spent primer tube if you don’t leave the priming arm in.
  • When the press gets dirty it gets very tight, this is caused by spent primers residue getting between the ram and the cast housing.  Solution: clean the press.
  • Ram is loose, not very tight tolerances.
  • Right mounting position may be too far forward to mount on certain tables. Solution: Find a different table or use a metal plate to strengthen the table.
  • Awkward location for priming arm
  • Base could be wider to accomodate better mounting.
  • Wooden ball on the handle has a short life.
  • Some people say the breech lock system moves, but they may not have it properly setup, other people love it.
  • Some people reported not being able to size full length cases
  • Dies don’t fit in the storage box if they have the quick lock bushings on.

Other Things You May Want To Know or Do:

  • A longer spent primer tube-Mount the press on an angle so you can see what’s going on
  • Mount the press on an angle so you can see what’s going on